Slim Gritty (aka Tim Collett) is a singer/songwriter/musician who’s no stranger to gigs and festivals both here in Australia and overseas.

A seasoned performer over the years with much loved bands including The Convertibles and more recently with his current Americana/Rockabilly influenced  A Band Called Twang.  Feeling the time to be right for a little musical independence, he’s now also channelling his creativity and musical chops into Slim Gritty: 

Slim draws heavily on the timeless energy of rockabilly and the gravy boat of roots music styles honky tonk, hillbilly, RnB and blues that merged to create the initial rockabilly spark. This ain’t mere homage though, Slim’s not here to simply rehash traditional licks, melodies and refrains. His is music for today with lyrics to match. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always gritty.

Slim’s debut album ‘Movin’ On Down The Line’ was released 2019 to much acclaim.

Raw, pure and undiluted, It’s music stripped back to the bare essentials. Just the classic live three piece line-up, on this album with ‘Maestro’ Jon Flynn on slap bass, Pistol Pete Green on the stand up snare and Slim Gritty himself on guitar and vocals.

Slim’s also released a featured single from his album in the digital domain. A moody little number Another Man that’s well worth downloading.

Keep your eyes peeled because Slim’s taking his tunes out on the road and he’ll be coming to your town very soon.

Watch this space.



In the light of the current Covid-19 global pandemic and the government directives concerning mass gatherings, Slim regretfully will not be appearing at a venue near you in the immediate future. 







You can have Slim Gritty play in your town just by calling 0400 566 356 or sending him an email to

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